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written and directed by Marisa Growaldt


Franza: Victoire Debré

Korbinian: Markus Schleinzer

Maxim: Markus Bauer-Parker

Gundula: Brigitte Kren

Lahzen: El Razzougui

Masters Of Ceremony: Andreas Erstling & Golda Osten

Cinematographer/Editor: Eric Ferranti

Steadicam Operator: Armin Golisano

First Assistant Camera: Jakob von Lenthe

Gaffer: Mario Minichmayr

Best Boy: Markus Peterseil

Electrician: Uwe Ziegler

Volunteer: Peter Pejanovic

Voice-over: Marisa Growaldt & The Actors

English Translation: Veronika Nagy

French Translation: Marion Dalle

Voice-over Recording: René Kornfeld @ Innenhofstudios Wien

Production Manager: Viktoria Zellner

Producer: Marisa Growaldt

Assistant Director: Julian Friedrichs

Catering: Roman Steger

Photographer: Michaela Mück

Sound: Bruce La Mongo & Michaela Mück

Make-up Artist: Wolfgang Lindenhofer

Production Designer: Marisa Growaldt & kozek hörlonski

Cardesigner: Jakob Scheid

Director/Writer: Marisa Growaldt

Camera: Moviecam Arri Rental

Red One: Florian Lacobucci

D.I.T.: Filip Malinowski

Light Equipment & Studio: Peter Dopplinger Filmgeräteverleih


Special Thanks To:

Lahcen Razzougui, Gregor Guth, Florian Leitner, Patricia Zabel, Alexander Tschernek, Wolfgang Meisinger, Gary Maurer, Andrea Amort, Angela Heide, Jürgen Weishäupl, The Lechner Family & All Contributors


A sequence shot was choreographed over the course of three performances in Vienna and thereby a film was created. The dramatic theme raises the question of the political dimension private actions can have. The sequences are located in central Europe and are staged as memories, dreams and phantasms in specially constructed installations and filmed simultaneously. (Formally, the various locations will be ranked successively. Markings on the ground and a few set design elements identify the playing field.) The camera focuses on the respective events and wanders through various locations like a dreamer.


Promoted By The City Of Vienna, Stadt Wien Kultur, MA7

DVD Video, PAL, 16:9, 11´ 14´´,  © Marisa Growaldt 2010


Marisa Growaldt, KAMELZIMMER 2019,  

k48 - Offensive für zeitgenössische Wahrnehmung, Projektraum Oliver Hangl, 

Projekt 104, Kirchengasse 48, 1070 Wien, 12.11.2019

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